Weddings and Parties

"Thank you ever so much for helping make our wedding celebration so much fun!  We know that all of our friends and family really enjoyed the dancing, and we had an absolute blast ourselves!"

-- J.J. and Sarah Kinsfather, Colorado

For centuries, contra dance has been enjoyed at weddings and other joyous celebrations.   Contra dance is ideal for a wedding reception, since everyone can easily participate and it allows people to mix and get comfortable with one another.  I have done many wedding and other private party events and I will have your guests up, dancing, and grinning from ear to ear in moments.    I will work with you to fit traditional dance into your special day exactly the way you want.

I always come in to every wedding or private party assuming nobody there has seen or heard of contra dance or any other dance form.  I have a large store of dances suitable for this kind of group and event, and pick and choose (or sometimes adapt) them according to the needs of the group, the event, and the venue.    

I can work with a band you've selected, or provide a 'package' service in which I arrange for the band and sound equipment and coordinate with your planner, if any.  Most people prefer the latter arrangement since then you need not worry about any of the details, but can just enjoy your dance. 

Images on this page were taken professionally by Julie Afflerbaugh, an enormously talented wedding photographer based in Colorado, and are used with her kind permission and that of the bride and groom.