Carrillo Recreation Center, Santa Barbara

What Others Are Saying

"Jon, you are an amazing caller!  I saw the dancers react with delight to the joy and fun you bring to your calling and teaching.  My own delight and love of contra dancing increased with each dance you called.  You are skilled in knowing just what dances are best for your audience, and every single dancer had a splendid time."

-- Dance organizer, Southern California

"Thank you ever so much for helping make our wedding celebration so much fun!  We know that all of our friends and family really enjoyed the dancing, and we had an absolute blast ourselves!"

-- J.J. and Sarah Kinsfather, Colorado

"Jon is the most organized and enthusiastic caller we have worked with in our 22 years as a band playing for contra dances. We have recommended him several times for people looking for a caller. He is able to make the dances fun for the novice dancer, yet he is also able to challenge the most experienced of dancers."

-- Jim and Amber Mueller, Growling Old Geezers String Band, San Luis Obispo

"Your kindness, patience, and attention to detail, both in teaching the dance and in calling it and in sheparding the dancers along when they falter or stray, helps the newcomers and experienced dancers alike. You care about what you're doing and care about the dancers. And, you were equally clear and kind and encouraging with the musicians! That makes the dance go well and makes people want to come back and try it again!"

-- Ned Boyer, Les Amis, Los Angeles

"You are one of my favorite callers because you've got style, class, and technique. You know who you are and you're different from anybody else. I've danced for nine years and you're as good as anybody around."

--Wayne, Dancer, Santa Barbara

"Jon is great - I always look forward to dances when he’s calling!  He’s precise, direct, confident, and somehow when he gives instructions, they just translate directly to my feet! He manages to make me feel confident as I learn new dances; he’s very easy to follow. He seems to know how much to say, but not too much, and knows when to jump in with a demo instead of fumbling around with too many words in teaching a new figure. I can count on a good variety of dances, including some great old-timey dances that are just plain old lots of fun. He’s the great kind of caller who is so good at creating a positive dance experience that you forget he’s there.  It’s a treat when the dance is about the dancing – he makes that happen. So when is he calling next?"

--Alice Williams, Dancer / English Dance Leader, Santa Barbara

"One of the great qualities of Jon's calling is that he is always aware of the capabilities of our dancers. We have many new dancers each month and Jon is vigilant about making sure they have a good time and want to return."

--Judy Ellis, Scheduler, San Luis Obispo

"The dance was an unqualified triumph, according to feedback from 1) the President and CEO; 2) his assistant, who organized the whole thing; 3) my boss and her husband; 4) my OTHER boss and her husband; 5) the Chief Financial Officer; 6) the catering staff and management; and 7) everybody else. You done good!"

-- Musician, Santa Barbara, after a dance for his company's party

"Jon enunciates well which makes him easy to understand, and he has a pleasing voice. He’s good at directing in a positive way, he’s not condescending. He usually calls a couple of square dances, which not all callers do, and I like the mix."

-- Dave Williams, Dancer, Santa Barbara

"Many thanks for the fabulous class and the introduction to contra dance.  It was loads of fun for all and a real confidence booster for my students.  They took a dance class in English and no translation was needed!"

-- Jennifer, ESL Instructor

"You're good."

-- Dancer in the crowd, Anaheim, CA

"You're really good."

-- Dancer in the crowd, Columbus, OH

Carrillo Recreation Center, Santa Barbara